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Mr. Richard Celebre
Anti-Bullying Coordinator

973-226-7644 ext. 318

Mrs. Lynn Cummings
Anti-Bullying Specialist

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Mr. Mark Mansour
Alternate Anti-Bullying Specialist

973-226-7644 ext.

Welcome to Noecker School's Online Learning Page!

Student Expectations for Learning:



  • Effective April 20th, our school day will be 9:05 AM to 12:20 PM.
  • Zoom meetings will be held twice a week before or after our school day; each teacher/grade level will communicate Zoom dates and times. 
  • It is our hope that students are available during our school day and scheduled classes, but we recognize that all of our families are coordinating online learning differently. Teachers will continue to be available to their students via email, online platforms, and throughout the day.
  • Daily Emails will continue and information is always available on the Learning Logs!
  • In grades PreK-2 work will continue as it has been with additional pre-recorded lessons or “live” instruction as new material is introduced. Students will watch their pre-recorded videos or “live” instruction and work on assignments during instructional time/office hours as teachers are available to support them via email, Zoom, SeeSaw, Flipgrid, etc.
  • In grades 3-6, Literacy, Math, and alternating Science  and Social Studies will be scheduled in 45 minute increments to ensure smaller class sizes, equal time, and co-teaching coordination. Each teacher will share their schedule with you! Students will watch their pre-recorded videos or “live” instruction and work on assignments during instructional time as teachers are available to support them via Go Guardian, Google Classroom, etc., as well as during “office hours” and beyond.
  • Special Areas - special area assignments will continue to be posted on the Grade Level Learning Logs. Students should aim to complete one special area assignment per day.
  • Students will fill out the learning log every day - cross out or color the days’ assignment when completed or using a log to note if all electronic
  • Parents will initial the learning log every day - or use a log to note if all electronic
  • Students are expected to complete assignments and comply with all policies regarding technology usage in the classroom
  • Teachers will email parents a general update daily; please email teachers directly with concerns or questions
  • Please do not forget to monitor the mental health of yourself and your children. The following articles may assist: from the Child Mind Institute titled Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus and Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.
  • Please maintain a healthy work/life balance. Keep lines of communication open with your teachers. We are here to support you!

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